Maple Walnut French Toast

Maple Walnut French Toast (3 slices, because cops are HUNGRY). This is how we serve it up: COVERED in some fabulous, fresh fruit, served with HYPER LOCAL (bahahahahahahahaha). But seriously, we get it from the Richardsons’ Family Farm right here in Hartland. #worldinerdomination #eatlocal #eatrealfood

American as Apple Pie

In these fraught, emotional, OVERLY DRAMATIC times, celebrate America by eating APPLE PIE. Made with local, heritage, unsprayed apples, 100% from scratch. If you love America you will not find a better apple anywhere! #worldpiedomination #fatsheepfarm

Apple Crumb Pie

Looks good doesn’t it? Imagine if you could SMELL it. DEEEEELICIOUS. Made 100% from scratch, by Jill, with local, heirloom, unsprayed apples from Fat Sheep Farm right here in Hartland. #worldpiedomination

Dino Public Service Announcement

As many of you know we have Dinosaurs here at The Diner. They have been on the tables and our counter for nearly 3 years now and, sadly, in the past few weeks a number of them have been STOLEN. Presumably by patrons. We are Greatly Dismayed by this. Taking things that do not belong … Continue reading

4:30am Opening Tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again people, time for the VT 100 Endurance Run. The run begins tomorrow, Saturday July 16 at 4am and we will be opening at 4:30am for all the family, friends, team, crew, support for the runners to come in, have some (AWESOME) breakfast and spend however much time they need … Continue reading