Maple Walnut French Toast


Maple Walnut French Toast (3 slices, because cops are HUNGRY). This is how we serve it up: COVERED in some fabulous, fresh fruit, served with HYPER LOCAL (bahahahahahahahaha). But seriously, we get it from the Richardsons’ Family Farm right here in Hartland.




New Year’s and Winter Hours!


The Diner is open regular hours (6:30am-2pm) New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day this weekend.

Our Winter Hours begin next week! The Diner will be CLOSED Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the months of January, February, March and April. We will go back to 7 days a week in May.

Happy New Year Diner Peeps!!

Witness The World’s Largest Post of The World’s BEST (Vegan) Chili!


This Diner Is Not Just a “Business:” We’re not like all those other Diners…


This photo is from our annual “Holiday Theatre Outing” to Northern Stage in White River Junction (if you haven’t gone to Northern Stage…GO. The facility is FANTASTIC and their productions are, honestly, first rate). Not everyone in this picture works at The Diner. Not everyone who works at The Diner is in this picture. BUT, everyone who DOES work at The Diner was invited and everyone in this picture is connected in some very close way to those of us who DO work at The Diner.

I share this photo with you all because I want you to know that this is NOT just a business. This is NOT just a “restaurant.” THIS, The Hartland Diner, is a ministry and a movement and a Diner and a FAMILY .

Yes, you will see that word thrown around A LOT. Everyone likes to call all sorts of things “family.” They toss the word around like it means nothing.

It means something. Something REAL.

Families come in all manner of shapes and sizes and colors and sounds. There is no “stock family out there.”

Family is people. People joined to each other by Love and GRACE.

WE, all of us who work at The Diner and/or who are attached to those of us who work at The Diner, are a family. Because we are connected and we WORK at that connection. We love and we forgive and we grow and connect and, we go to the theatre together.

Seek connection.

Reach out to people.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance because TRULY: nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Peace on Earth

Good Will To Men (and those of us women who are along for the ride).



Diner Christmas Hours


The Diner will be closing at Noon this Saturday, Christmas Eve.

The Diner will be closed this Sunday, Christmas Day.

We will return to regular hours Monday, December 26th.


The Diner Will Be Closed Thanksgiving

turkeyThe Diner will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day!

You can find us running The Zack’s Place Turkey Trot in Woodstock Thursday morning (look for the NEON GREEN SHIRTS that say “World Diner Domination”!!!!).

We’ll be back at the grill slaving away for YOU regular hours on Friday (7am-2pm, Breakfast and/or Lunch all day).

Join us for The Trot!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


American as Apple Pie


In these fraught, emotional, OVERLY DRAMATIC times, celebrate America by eating APPLE PIE.

Made with local, heritage, unsprayed apples, 100% from scratch.

If you love America you will not find a better apple anywhere!