About The Hartland Diner

Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

The Hartland Diner
159 US Route 5
Hartland, VT 05048
(802) 436 3663
Open 7 Days a Week Mon-Fri 7am-2:30pm; Sat & Sun 6:30am-2pm

What We Are About:
We are local. We live right here. We work in a small town diner, in small town Vermont because we value community and people and VERMONT. We believe we get more than we give by staying here, in Hartland, cooking for our friends and neighbors. And, of course, we love food. Good food. Fresh Food. We want you to love fresh, local food cooked from scratch as much as we do. We want you to love OUR food because we are the best. And we’re pretty proud of what we’re cooking up here. For us the diner is where you go to have an outstanding cup of coffee, a fantastic, cooked to order meal and to see your friends and neighbors. The diner is where you go when you want to eat AND visit. We love a good diner. You will too.

We’re not trying to be the fanciest or the oat expensive, just THE BEST. The Best Diner Experience. We want you to love coming to The Hartland Diner because of everything: the place, the people, the service AND the food. We are the “entire package.”

What are we about? We are about YOU.


The Hartland Diner is located in Hartland Three Corners in Hartland, Vermont.  The Hartland Diner is helmed by Owner, Head Waitress, Short Order Cook Nicole Bartner.  Nicole has had a long and varied “career” including: a stint running the Deli Department at The Woodstock Farmer’s Market in Woodstock, VT and  a similar number of years owning and operating her own coffee shop in Ithaca, NY.  Nicole is also a lawyer who earned her law degree from Syracuse College of Law; a licensed cheesemaker (Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont in Burlington); and is Editorial Director and In House Counsel for http://www.denofgeek.us (t’s FUN – check us out!).  You may also have seen her behind the counter at The Wasp Diner and Snack Bar in Woodstock, VT.  But she has always (maybe not so secretly) harbored the dream of owning her OWN DINER.  One where she can wear a cute top, fun apron, SUPER PINK clogs and anyone can get The Best Breakfast Going, ALL DAY LONG.  And now that dream is coming true and EVERYONE is going to benefit, really.

The Hartland Diner is open 7 days a week serving breakfast and lunch.  We are ALL ABOUT fresh, delicious, cooked to order and served up with our own, special brand of Hartland banter (some may call this “harassment” – but only someone who cares will go that extra mile for you . . . ).  GET ON IN HERE! Be ready to have a good meal, a good time and to THROW DOWN!

Breakfast served all day long.

The food is good . . . the snark is BETTER . . . but OMG the T-Shirts and Aprons!

(802) 436 FOOD

Exit 9 off 91.
Coming from the North: Turn RIGHT off Exit 9
Coming from the South: Turn LEFT off Exit 9
The Hartland Diner will be on your left in between the Post Office and BG’s Market, across from Mascoma Bank.
At Stop Sign intersection with Route 5 turn LEFT.
Turn LEFT into the parking lot just past Mascoma Bank.

10 thoughts on “About The Hartland Diner

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  2. we have top quality free range eggs if you need local far better for you Hartland eggs farm fresh on a weekly basis. Come up and have a look at the eggs producers lifestyle!
    Linda at 802 4362834

  3. We happened upon this diner during our motorcycle trip home from Lincoln, New Hampshire to Chicago, IL. This is a must visit diner! I absolutely loved the food! Locally grown food and fresh eggs. Right up my alley!

  4. Greeting from Australia! As a visitor to your diner just a couple of weeks ago I was extremely impressed with the food, the service, the decor and ambience and everything else…looking forward to a return visit asap! 🙂

  5. Headed back home to MI from bike week in Laconia, I stumbled onto this diner and had far and away the best burger I have ever eaten. The peach pie was in the air so I finished it off will slice of that heaven. When I have talked about my trip to people, my lunch at your diner is always included, it was that good.I will be back, stay blessed

  6. On February 14, 2017, DustyCarMuddyBoots.com (a travel blog for seniors on a budget) posted a 100%+ positive review for the Hartland Diner. At http://dustycarmuddyboots.com/eat-at-hartland-vt-diner-near-i-91/ , to be precise. Photos were by permission of diner guests.
    It’s a treat to go there!
    Hope y’all enjoy the review, let me know if there are factual errors, and I would love it if you could bring yourselves some business by aggressively clicking on the post!

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