Apple Crumb Pie

Looks good doesn’t it? Imagine if you could SMELL it. DEEEEELICIOUS. Made 100% from scratch, by Jill,¬†with local, heirloom, unsprayed apples from Fat Sheep Farm right here in Hartland. #worldpiedomination

Pea Soup!

This week’s VAT of Split Pea Soup. You know what we start our Split Pea Soup with? Fresh carrots and onions and then we add in the whole, smoked ham hocks and actual, dry split peas. It does not get any more “from scratch” and “homemade” than this people. #worldsoupdomination

Making the French Toast Batter

Yes, we crack eggs and measure out half and half and ground cinnamon and REAL vanilla extract and powdered sugar and then blend it all together for our French Toast Batter. Takes a little time. Soooooooooo worth it. #worlddinerdomination


Black and Blueberry Crumb and Red Berry Crumb. All those other pies? Losers!! #WorldPieDomination