Dino Public Service Announcement


As many of you know we have Dinosaurs here at The Diner. They have been on the tables and our counter for nearly 3 years now and, sadly, in the past few weeks a number of them have been STOLEN. Presumably by patrons.

We are Greatly Dismayed by this. Taking things that do not belong to you is WRONG.

So, to clarify matters: The Dinosaurs in The Diner BELONG to The Diner. We welcome you to play with them, photograph them, have a rollicking good time with them, WHILE YOU ARE HERE.

When you leave you must leave the Dinosaurs behind.

We love for everyone to come to The Diner and have a great meal and a great time. But if you cannot respect The Diner then we’d rather you didn’t visit.

The Hartland Dinsersaurs are native to Vermont, which is where they must remain.



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