Father’s Day Weekend Specials!


We’re running some pretty awesome Specials this Saturday and Sunday. First, we smoked our own pork shoulder and then Jill turned it into the Best Pulled Pork you’ve ever had. (just sayin’). You can have pulled pork straight up on a toasted brioche bun with our own coleslaw in Big Brucie’s Backyard BBQ – OR – you can can have it in a BENEDICT(!!!) on top of our own cornbread with two poached eggs, housemade, FOR REAL, Hollandaise sauce and your choice of Hash Browns or Home Fries.

We’ve also got a classic omelette special: Ham, Cabot Cheddar Cheese and Apples that were sautéed in butter, made with 3 pasture raised, local, organic eggs and served with toast.

Finally we have the Vegan Daddy-O! A crispy, toasted flour tortilla filled to bursting with all sorts of fresh veggies, fresh corn, roasted garlic, avocado, Kalamata olives and our own lemon Tahini dressing (which you can actually drink – it is THAT good).




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