500 Frequent Diners!

Diner Peeps have officially redeemed 500 Frequent Diner Cards!! That means we have given out 500 free meals to patrons who have eaten here enough to fill a Frequent Diner Card (you get a “punch” for every $10 you spend and after 10 punches you get a free meal – anything  you want to eat, … Continue reading

Namy Bentner

I’ve already posted this once today. But, at the time that I shared it I didn’t know what to say, I hadn’t thought what to say. I did, actually, know about the cancer diagnosis. But the way my mind/nature works is I Go To War. You tell me you have cancer? Fine, great, I’m going … Continue reading


Huevos Wrapped – 2 jumbo scrambled eggs, our own black bean burger, our own freshly made salsa, fresh onions and jalapeños, all in a crispy, toasted flour tortilla. Garnished here with DELICIOUS fresh cilantro.