We Will Be Open Town Meeting Day!

The Diner will be OPEN tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st for Town Meeting Day and Super Tuesday. We will be open from 7am to 1pm. We are only able to open tomorrow due to the volunteer services of our loyal Diner Peeps and Hartland residents and the willingness of everyone to chip in and PLAY ALONG. … Continue reading

Just Another Butt Kicking Sunday

The start of Booth C’s lunch order: 2 Vermont Omelettes; 1 Vermont Omelette with no mushrooms; 1 Kevin Without the Heart Attack; 1 full order of Corn Beef Hash; 2 side orders of Corn Beef Hash; 1 Get ‘er Done; 1 Vermont Benedict. BAM! #WorldDinerDomination

Crystal’s Bene

Veggie Hash Browns topped with 3 poached, jumbo eggs and our own, made from scratch, Hollandaise Sauce. Accompanied by a toasted and buttered English Muffin. Mmmmmmmm Butter…

Today’s Police Blotter

From today’s Vermont Standard. ALWAYS worth the $1. What were the chances the Police would be breaking up KISSING on FRENCHS ROAD??? #VermontLiving #SmallTownLife


Just a reminder that we actually do something OTHER than T-Rex. We Do FOOD. The Reverend Sawyer’s breakfast. Always so photogenic… #WorldDinerDomintion #HartlandDiner