Diner Specials

Specials Board
We want you all to understand where we’re at with the “whole Specials thing.” Here’s the deal, we are busting our behinds EVERY DAY to turn out some pretty darn good food and we have designed a menu that contains an Unknowable Number of Items (we’re actually waiting for a call from the Nobel Committee on that one).

Why is the number of menu items unknowable? Because we are Diner Enablers. We want you to have your meal exactly the way YOU want it (as long as that does not include fake eggs, fake maple syrup, fake butter or anything “fat-free”), so you can modify pretty much everything on our menu.

Do we even need to mention the Build Your Own Omelette or Scramble page??…

So no, you are rarely to never going to see Specials on our “Specials Board” at the moment. You don’t need no stinking “Specials” It’s ALL Special here: fresh, from scratch, cooked to order, made the way you want it, served up hot with a double helping of SNARK.


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