Pie Day!

And…we’re back in Pie!! Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, Maple Cream. You cannot go wrong people.

Curbside Pickup

Attention Diner Going Public, we would like to take this opportunity to engage you all in a discussion about trash. More specifically, your trash. We know this  (somehow inexplicably, frankly) comes as a surprise to some, but disposing of your garbage is not part of the service we supply at The Diner. It would never occur to … Continue reading

Death of a Fryer

The Diner Fryer has (finally) given its life in line of service. We shall be replacing this, now retired (for our own safety and that of everyone else who enters/inhabits our building) fryer with a brand new, state of the art, ENERGY SAVER fryer. I know, AMAZING, right? However, until we can get that brand … Continue reading

Vermont 100 Endurance Race

Runners vs. Horses! 100 miles, starts tomorrow morning at 4am and we will be opening at 4:30. Party, party, party!! Everyone is going to need to FUEL UP and we’re here to help…

Diner Specials

We want you all to understand where we’re at with the “whole Specials thing.” Here’s the deal, we are busting our behinds EVERY DAY to turn out some pretty darn good food and we have designed a menu that contains an Unknowable Number of Items (we’re actually waiting for a call from the Nobel Committee … Continue reading

Mmmmmmm……Sausage Gravy……

Yeah, you’re not gonna get that kind of sausage gravy love anywhere else around here. 100% from scratch. We get our pork ground fresh from BG’s Market next door and cook it into sausage the same day. Then we gravy it up! All natural, all real, all DELICIOUS.