The Whole Magilla


Because, you know, we’re US, we offer something here called The Whole Magilla. It’s a pancake. A pancake with Every Single Pancake Ingredient we’ve got: semi sweet chocolate chips; white chocolate chips; butterscotch chips; peanut butter chips; bananas; raspberries; strawberries; blueberries; and our maple walnut topping. Yeah, it’s dense.

The reason we mention this (and you’re welcome ahead of time), is the whole pronunciation thing. We want you all to be SUCCESSFUL when you order food here and, you know, in life. “Magilla” is originally from the Hebrew word “megillah,” which means “scroll,” as in Torah (if you don’t know what The Torah is you’re on your own – Google is your friend…). Like “megillah,” “magilla” is pronounced with a hard “g:” meh-gill-ah.

No, not mah-jill-ah….


This is also an “age test:”


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