The tomatoes looked so good while we were slicing them today that we just had to take a picture. Yeah, we’re working with some FRESH ingredients here.


We regret to inform all our Diner pals that we can no longer give out our WiFi password. The only reason we have WiFi at the Diner is to run our Point of Sale system. We’ve been having a lot of trouble with the POS being extremely slow and quitting out on busy days. The … Continue reading

Open Tomorrow!

Yes, we are back to 7 Days a Week.  Wooohoooo. So we will be open regular hours (7am-3pm) tomorrow in celebration of our fearless leader/Vermont Princess’ BIRTHDAY!! Come in and get a pic with the TIARA…

The Whole Magilla

Because, you know, we’re US, we offer something here called The Whole Magilla. It’s a pancake. A pancake with Every Single Pancake Ingredient we’ve got: semi sweet chocolate chips; white chocolate chips; butterscotch chips; peanut butter chips; bananas; raspberries; strawberries; blueberries; and our maple walnut topping. Yeah, it’s dense. The reason we mention this (and … Continue reading