Community Diner

Best Things Heard Today at The Hartland Diner:

7:30am. Chuck enters through the kitchen. (Chuck has Special Diner Privileges.)

Chuck: “No cook today?”

Me: “I’m your cook today!”

Chuck: “Who’s my waitress?”

Me: “I’m your waitress. Welcome to Community Diner Day! Feel free to play along.”

He then went next door, got the newspapers, put out the Open flag, greeted another customer, gave him menus and got him a coffee. #favoritedinerregular


Julia: “I don’t know if that couple was into the whole ‘Interactive Diner’ thing.”

Me: “This might not be the diner for them…”



Pete: “I don’t want to interrupt you.”

Me: “We can’t be interrupted. We lack focus.”



Me: “Ask how they want their eggs on the Big Man.”

Julia: “I did.”

Me: “You should tell me. Then I can cook them.”

3 thoughts on “Community Diner

  1. Feeling slightly dissed. I greeted Chuck in parking lot when he went to get papers and commented on his fab shorts. Then alerted owner that flag needed to put out, passed flag with military precision to Chuck, held papers while flag was placed, gave Chuck papers back because “he gets first crack at them”. Then proceeded to supervise Nicole but she was way ahead of me.

  2. I knew NOTHING about the compliments to Chuck’s shorts, which I also took note of! #wishfulthinking Don’t worry, there will be more Community Diner Days to participate in…

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