Fight of the Century

Best Thing Heard this Morning at The Hartland Diner: John: “So, are you going to watch The Fight of the Century tomorrow?” Me: “Ooooh. Is it going to be here at the Diner??” #couldverywellhappen

Community Diner

Best Things Heard Today at The Hartland Diner: 7:30am. Chuck enters through the kitchen. (Chuck has Special Diner Privileges.) Chuck: “No cook today?” Me: “I’m your cook today!” Chuck: “Who’s my waitress?” Me: “I’m your waitress. Welcome to Community Diner Day! Feel free to play along.” He then went next door, got the newspapers, put … Continue reading


For everyone who knows and loves Lily and knows that she is currently trekking in the Himalayas: we have had word this morning that she, and everyone else with her group, is safe. We are thankful. Our thoughts are with all those in Nepal who are affected by the earthquake.

Best Things Heard at The Hartland Diner Round Up 4.26.15

(10:30am) Me: “I’m just going to go into the kitchen and lay on the floor for a little while. With my Sharing Size bag of Peanut M+Ms.” 80s Emily: “Okay.” #goodoldasskickingdayatthediner _________________________________________________________ (12:15pm) Me: “Miranda! We’re not taking any more orders today! Make. It. Stop.” _________________________________________________________ (1pm) Me: “I think Kristin is choking to death … Continue reading