Double Yolkers!

The most fun side effect of serving only Jumbo Eggs from Maple Meadow Farms is the increasing frequency of Double Yolkers. More egg for your buck buck BUCK!

Split Pea Soup with Ham

Homemade soup, made 100% from scratch on the stove today. Split Pea soup the way it is MEANT to be. Chunks of ham that came off the ham bones cooked right in there. We will have Split Pea Soup every day as long as the weather “holds.” And by “holds” we mean holds us by … Continue reading


We have our own, homemade Beef and Bean Chili every day of the week in these, the colder (okay, nearly all) months here in The Far White North. Our beef is ground fresh for us next door at BG’s Market for each batch of this WORLD CLASS Chili. You will not find better chili ANYWHERE. … Continue reading