Today’s Specials Board

Specials Board

So, a little late in the day, BUT – the Curry Tuna Salad is off the hook. Seriously, sooooo good. Made with dried pineapple (NO raisins). FYI – the Tuna Melt is made with “regular” Tuna Salad, not curry. Our Chili is seriously delicious, made with beef ground fresh for us next door at BG’s Market, black and pinto beans, fresh peppers and onions, spices and LOVE!

If you like Split Pea & Ham Soup you will NOT be disappointed. Frankly, it is nearly impossible to find a Split Pea this good that your mother didn’t make. Made entirely from scratch using a for real, smoked, meaty ham bone. The Broccoli and Cheese soup, also made entirely from scratch, is pretty spectacular. However, it is not vegetarian (in case anyone was wondering).

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