Working at The Hartland Diner

Because we are looking for someone to join our team here at The Diner we’re going to take a little time to tell you what it will be like to work here.

You will be paid well. We believe in a fair wage for your labor.

You will be treated fairly and with respect. Your work/contribution will always be appreciated and we will let you know that. We have a professional, pleasant workplace. We all work hard and work together. We are serious about the “team approach” to work and life. You will be part of a team here.

We work hard, but we also have fun because we simply do not believe that anyone should have to face a workplace devoid of fun. We would not expect you to work hard if there were never any fun and if you were being treated poorly. We know we would not work hard under those conditions. Hard work and good times comes out in our food and service. It makes everything better.

We are serious about standards. We are trying, every day, to be The Best Diner Experience. That means the “entire package.” From the time someone walks through our front door we want them to like who we are and what we’re doing. That means a sparklingly clean place, friendly, lively table service, great coffee, excellent food that is both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. We don’t cut corners. We are using high quality, fresh ingredients and cooking everything to order to the customer’s specifications. There are no short cuts and it is worth it in the end.

The Hartland Diner is not your “run of the mill” Diner or kitchen to work in. This is a place full of people who are really into food. We talk about food A LOT. We think about food even more than we talk about it. The whole Diner thing is not just a job or hobby for us. We’re totally into it. We surround ourselves with other people who are also into it.

The position we are looking to fill is between 3 and 5 shifts a week (a minimum of 3 weekdays), 20-35 hours, and we are willing to wait for the right person. The shifts will be a mix of prep work (preparing fresh foods to be used in cooking and assisting the cook on the grill), actually running the grill/cooking people’s food, cleaning (lots of things here need regular cleaning), dishwashing (everyone has to do everything here as needed) and special, crazy projects (like baking cookies and making wraps to sell at The Hartland Farmers’ Market).

We would like to bring someone onboard who has an interest and passion for good food and the Diner business and has the potential to stay with us for the long haul. Kitchen experience is not required; energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and willingness to learn all are. We don’t expect anyone to walk in here and know how we do things. We will teach/train you so you will succeed, because that is how we succeed.

Spread the word. Bring on the Diner Love.

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