Leave Your Dog At Home

It is July in Vermont, again. Funny how that happens, EVERY YEARS…

And we, sadly, feel compelled to remind our Diner patrons that while we LOVE to have you at the Diner as many times a day as you can possibly make it in, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DOG(S) AT HOME. It is far too hot for dogs to be left in cars anywhere this time of year. Your dog simply does not belong in the car in the summer unless he is going directly from one place to another. There is no shade in our parking lot. There is no grassy area for dogs to be out. There is, frankly, no safe way for any dog to be left in any car during the summer. Your dog will be much happier and safer at home, where he belongs during extreme heat.

And we will be much happier looking out our front windows and not seeing a desperately panting dog trapped inside a car fast becoming an oven…

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