Working at The Hartland Diner

Because we are looking for someone to join our team here at The Diner we’re going to take a little time to tell you what it will be like to work here. You will be paid well. We believe in a fair wage for your labor. You will be treated fairly and with respect. Your … Continue reading

We Want YOU!

We’re looking for someone to join Team Hartland Diner.  Someone with energy, enthusiasm, an upbeat attitude (and some snark wouldn’t hurt…) to be on the front lines with us in the kitchen prepping, doing some short order cooking, dishes if it comes to that. Everyone here pretty much has to pitch in doing whatever we … Continue reading

Vermont 100 Endurance Race!

It’s this weekend people. Get excited! Race begins Saturday (July 19th) at 4am and we will be opening at 4:30am for all those family and crew members and, you know, anyone else who happens to be awake and in the mood for a super early breakfast, or just a coffee and some Diner chit chat. … Continue reading

Huevos Wrapped!

Witness the beauty, the grandeur, the DELICIOUS. Huevos Wrapped: 2 scrambled eggs, grilled onions and jalapeños, Cabot Cheddar Cheese, our fresh made Salsa and our own Black Bean Burger all rolled up in a crispy, grilled flour tortilla. Olé

Leave Your Dog At Home

It is July in Vermont, again. Funny how that happens, EVERY YEARS… And we, sadly, feel compelled to remind our Diner patrons that while we LOVE to have you at the Diner as many times a day as you can possibly make it in, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DOG(S) AT HOME. It is far too hot … Continue reading