Pork Pie Tomorrow!

Is that not just The Most Beautiful Thing? If you could only smell it… On the Specials Board tomorrow! We are open regular hours for Christmas Eve: 7am-2pm

Tortierre! Pork Pie

We’re making traditional Pork Pie, known as Tortierre to our Quebec neighbors up north. What you see here is the local, fresh, ground pork that goes into the filling of this pie, along with potatoes, onions, allspice and some other delicious ingredients.

Mashed by Hand

Yeah, we’re THAT old school around here. You know when they say “whipped potatoes?” Well we’re whipping those Idahoes with an actual whisk people.

Shepherd’s Pie

Yes, it was -17 degrees here this morning. Time to go full on comfort food people. Step-by-step Shepherd’s Pie creation. Here you see the fresh ground beef browned and seasoned with the freshly cooked carrots, peas and corn. Awaiting the gravy . . .