Coca Cola

Coca Cola

I know I introduced our new, AWESOME, Coca Cola cooler when we actually got it earlier this week. But I need to stress what we’re doing here with the Whole Soda Thing. We have only Coca Cola products (in glass bottles) AND we have ORIGINAL FORMULAS. That means we have Coke, Sprite and Sunkist Orange in 12oz glass bottles all made with real sugar (i.e., no high fructose corn syrup here).

Diet Coke is available in an 8 oz glass bottle (they don’t make it in the larger glass bottles since there IS no original Diet Coke formula – if you want to drink the fake stuff you’ll have to take it in smaller doses).

We also have our own, fresh brewed Iced Tea every day and of course Vermont Coffee Company Tres Mariposas Coffee grinding and brewing fresh from open to close. Our coffee is so good you actually CAN drink our bottomless cup. All. Day. Long.

3 thoughts on “Coca Cola

  1. Ree-disk-u-lus. Of course there has to be an original formula. What people really want is a nice, big, glass of soda with ice and a straw.

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