Maple Walnut French Toast

Weekend Specials Start Today! Maple Walnut French Toast made with local Maple Syrup from Hartland’s own Dale Lyman. Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy – house made sausage from local pork (house made biscuits and gravy too!) served with two, local eggs cooked however you desire. Eggs Benedict – house baked ham from local pork, local eggs, … Continue reading

Save The Planet – Eat Pie!

We’re not saying we know why it’s happening. We’re not saying there’s any way to stop it. But hey, the climate is CHANGING. Might as well eat Pie . . .

Black Bean Option

Today’s Specials Board. So Many Vegetarian Options: You can substitute either our own Black Bean Burger or just straight up Black Beans for any meat on our menu. And/Or just add the Black Bean Burger or Black Beans to anything that strikes your fancy.