Eggs Benedict

We are going into our second weekend and we’ve got all our booths in place and are running our first special all weekend: Our Own Eggs Benedict with local, Maple Meadow eggs, local free range heritage breed (Red Wattles) ham.  Can you say, “DELICIOUS???”

We are having a GREAT time doing this and we want to thank everyone who has come in and who has already become a regular and we hope that every, single one of you is having fantastic meals and a really good time in here.  Spread the word! Bring your friends and family! We’re only going to get better and better . . .  World Diner Domination!

4 thoughts on “Eggs Benedict

  1. Awesome decor and terrific food…great bacon! Harv is waiting, not patiently, for the biscuits and sausage gravy. Happy Valley is not the same without Nic and the animal clan.

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