Formica is ON the counter. Kind of hard to see the color here, but it is a sherbert orange. Which, of course, is FUN. Next will be the super cool, metal edge around that counter . . .

Randy and His Counter

And here are the beginnings of our counter. Randy, obviously proud of his work – as he should be! Wait until you see the Formica and the metal edging . . .

Diner Stools

Okay, this isn’t the best photo in the world. But you get the idea. You can see where we’re going here, because this is the color of all the stools and our booths. FUN! Lots of chrome on everything. You are going to see these stools on all sides of our counter. OH! And see … Continue reading

FLOOR! And 350 Slices of Toast.

Okay, new floor has finally gone down.  Turns out it’s not quite as “easy” as they led us to believe at Carpet King.  Sure, you can “do it yourself” if you’re a trained, professional FLOOR LAYER.  But it’s in and looks pretty snazzy. Made the run out to Steigert’s Restaurant Supply in Rutland today to … Continue reading

The Big Reveal

We are VERY HAPPY to announce that Jill Johnssen, owner and head cook at Wasp’s Diner and Snack Bar in Woodstock is officially joining Team Hartland Diner.  With Kim AND Jill in the kitchen you are all in for some DINER MAGIC.   And, OMG, the PIES.  Remember the pies I mentioned?  Pies that will … Continue reading

No, for REAL.

Okay, THIS is the sign UP . . . Sign design, build AND hanging by Anything Printed.  You will be seeing more of their handiwork with our menus, T-Shirts, business cards.  Horst is GOOD.

Sign is UP!

Check it out. You know you love it. Embrace the Jamaican Aqua. It is a FEEL GOOD color and this is going to be a FEEL GOOD diner (also TASTE GOOD – of course). Our sign is up, our new floor is going in. Getting closer.