About The Hartland Diner

The Hartland Diner is located at the Hartland Three Corners in Hartland, Vermont (in the former site of Joanie’s Restaurant and, more recently, Stella’s Restaurant).  The Hartland Diner will open Monday, April 8, 2013 under the ownership, direction and entertaining leadership of Nicole Bartner.  Nicole has had a long a varied “career” including: a stint running the Deli Department at The Woodstock Farmer’s Market in Woodstock, VT;  a similar number of years owning and operating her own coffee shop in Ithaca, NY; she’s also a lawyer who earned her law degree from Syracuse College of Law.  Nicole is a licensed cheese maker (Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the  University of Vermont in Burlington) and is Editorial Director and In House Counsel for denofgeek.us (t’s FUN – go read some stuff!).  You may also have seen her behind the counter at The Wasp Diner and Snack Bar in Woodstock, VT.  But she has always nursed the dream of owning her OWN DINER.  One where anyone can get breakfast ALL DAY LONG.  And now that dream is coming true.

Nicole’s neighbor is Kim Sweeney (they MAY have been separated at birth – it’s a distinct possibility) and Kim will be BACK in the kitchen at The Hartland Diner.  Kim’s mother is Joanie of “Joanie’s” and, if you were a regular at Joanie’s you have eaten Kim’s food. You can expect to see Joanie making regularly scheduled “guest appearances” during the week at the diner.  Kim will be  back in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and slinging eggs.  (Who doesn’t LOVE them some egg slingin’???)

The Hartland Diner will be open 7 days a week serving breakfast and lunch.  We are ALL ABOUT fresh, delicious, cooked to order and served up with our own, special brand of Hartland banter (some may call this “harassment” – but only someone who cares will go that extra mile for you . . . ).  Get ready to have a good meal, a good time and to THROW DOWN!

Monday – Friday 6am to 2pm

Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pm

Breakfast served all day long.

The food is good . . . the snark is BETTER.

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