Dino Rules

DIno Point

We invite everyone who visits The Diner to play with our Dinosaurs. And then to leave them behind, where they belong.



Vote Your Conscience: Eat Pie

Pie Board


Dino Public Service Announcement


As many of you know we have Dinosaurs here at The Diner. They have been on the tables and our counter for nearly 3 years now and, sadly, in the past few weeks a number of them have been STOLEN. Presumably by patrons.

We are Greatly Dismayed by this. Taking things that do not belong to you is WRONG.

So, to clarify matters: The Dinosaurs in The Diner BELONG to The Diner. We welcome you to play with them, photograph them, have a rollicking good time with them, WHILE YOU ARE HERE.

When you leave you must leave the Dinosaurs behind.

We love for everyone to come to The Diner and have a great meal and a great time. But if you cannot respect The Diner then we’d rather you didn’t visit.

The Hartland Dinsersaurs are native to Vermont, which is where they must remain.



4:30am Opening Tomorrow!

It’s that time of year again people, time for the VT 100 Endurance Run. The run begins tomorrow, Saturday July 16 at 4am and we will be opening at 4:30am for all the family, friends, team, crew, support for the runners to come in, have some (AWESOME) breakfast and spend however much time they need chatting, connecting, planning, reading the paper.


Vermont 100 Website

Just Some Breakfast

A couple fabulous sunny side eggs (we get a lot of double yolkers here); one particularly exquisite Banana Pancake (T-Rex included for scale); simple, yet delicious breakfast including our local, maple breakfast sausage links.


Have We Mentioned Our Pie??


There are some good places to get pie in the Great State of Vermont and The Diner has made onlyinyourstate.com’s Top 16 List.

We’ll put our pie up against ANYONE’S pie out there. REAL, from scratch pastry creams so delicious you could just eat bowls of the filling without ever putting it in the flaky, of course, 100% from scratch crusts. Not to mention every kind of fruit, with a traditional double crust or yummy crumb topping.

And, by special request, Lemon Meringue that will make you seriously think you’ve died and gone to Pie Heaven.


Diner Love/Thank You!


All of us here at The Diner (including the dinosaurs) would like to Thank all of you who came out today, Sunday June 19th, Father’s Day and showed us some LOVE. Today was, officially, the busiest day EVER at The Diner and we all appear to have made it out alive.

A lot of people came through The Diner’s front door today and we hope that every one of you had a GREAT experience and will come again. Perhaps, you know, not all at once, on the same day…

On a possibly unrelated note: We’d like to take a moment andorl recognize that we have given out 100 copies of the US Constitution since the start of this Presidential Election cycle. If you come in The Diner and could use a copy of The Constitution (WHO COULDN’T??) please feel free to take one off the table or counter. That’s what they’re there for. If you need more than one please just ask. We’ve got PLENTY. They also include the full text of The Declaration of Independence.

We, ALONE among the nations of the world, have THIS Constitution and the guarantees contained within it. Our Constitution is what makes this The United States of America.

Regardless of your “political leanings” or the candidate who you support in this, or any, election: we are all citizens of The Greatest nation on the Earth and with that citizenship comes the privilege and the duty of The Vote. The more Americans who vote, the better. End of story.

Know your rights. Know The Constitution. Exercise your Vote.