The Diner will be open Regular Hours Easter Sunday (this Sunday, April 16th): 7am-2pm. Breakfast AND Lunch ALL day!


The Veggie Griller


Our killer Whole Wheat Bread grilled with Real Cabot Butter, melted Swiss and filled with fresh, sautéed Baby Spinach, Broccoli, Onions, Green Peppers and Mushrooms.

The Grilled Cheese made HEALTHY!


Black Bean Burger


In process…

You won’t get some frozen, commercial “veggie burger” patty in THIS Diner. Our Black Bean Burger is made entirely from scratch, by us, right here.

And, yes, you CAN taste the difference.


Turkey CLub


Our roasted right here in the kitchen turkey breast (i.e., REAL turkey), toasted bread, the GOOD Hellman’s mayo, our slab cut, cooked crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Simple, yet spectacular.

Often imitated, never matched.


All The Benes


Bacon Benedict with Spinach and Hash Browns. Slab Cut Farmland Bacon, Fresh Baby Spinach cooked to order, jumbo eggs poached, Thomas’ English Muffins, actual hash browns (not some pre-frozen thing).

One of our Regular’s “Usual.”

100% fron scratch Hollandaise Sauce. We separate those eggs, one by one, every morning. Believe us, you CAN taste the difference. In fact, you’ll be tempted to eat it with a spoon…