Thanksgiving Pie

This is semi short notice, but HEY, it’s all we’ve got. If you would like to order Pie(s) for Thanksgiving there is no time like the present. We need your order by Monday for pickup no later then 2:30pm Wednesday (The Diner is CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day). All pie is made 100% from scratch, nothing pre-made, nothing from a box or a can.

Pie Choices: Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, Maple Cream, Key Lime, Pumpkin, Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry (or any combination of the fruits, with a traditional double crust or a crumb topping).

Pies serve 6-8 people (or more – if, you know, people want small slices).




Welcome To Our Kitchen

It occurs to us that we should welcome you all (VIRTUALLY) into our kitchen because, you know what? We’ve got nothing to hide here. Yes, this Diner is clean, that’s the way we keep it, that’s the way we like it, that’s the way  you should DEMAND it.


Veterans’ Day


Tomorrow, Wednesday November 11, 2015, is Veterans Day. Active Duty Military in uniform and Veterans eat free at the Diner. Come on down!

Despite what Donald Trump keeps INSISTING, we DO have the best, strongest, most highly trained military in the world. There is none that even comes close. We KNOW they have our backs and we have theirs.

Do Your Civic Duty!


Since we live in a PARTICIPATORY Democracy and we are (for better or worse) deep in the grips of the Presidential Election “Cycle” we’re trying to do our part and have seeded the Diner with pocket copies of the United States Constitution.

The more and and better you know the more and better we all will be.