Go Big or Go Home!


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest members of our Diner Family: JUMBO eggs from Maple Meadow Farms. We’ve upgraded from Extra Large because hey, we could! More egg for everyone. You’re welcome.

Thanksgiving Pie


Begin The Pie Countdown! We are accepting orders for Thanksgiving Pie. We are offering all our Made from Scratch Delights: Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Maple Cream, Key Lime, Pumpkin. Fruit pies may be ordered with traditional double crust or a crumb topping. Choose from: Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry or any combination thereof.

The price for a Cream or Double Crust pie is $25 and $30 for a pie with a Crumb Topping.  Remember, EVERYTHING is made fresh, ENTIRELY from scratch right here on the premises.

Deadline for placing your pie order is Monday November 24th. Pies must be picked up by 2:30pm Wednesday November 26th.

The Diner will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day!

Little e Organics!! BUY LOCAL!

Little e

We would like to announce that we are now carrying Little e Organics household cleaning products at The Hartland Diner. We have personally tried every one of these products ourselves and can vouch for their cleaning ability. You can try out the Foaming Hand Soap in our bathrooms (WE HOPE YOU ARE ALL WASHING YOUR HANDS ON EVERY VISIT TO THE BATHROOM #justsayin’). You can purchase Little e Organics’: Streak Free Glass Cleaner (totally awesome stuff, fabulous on eye glasses even); Foaming Hand Soap (everyone who tries it raves about it); All Purpose Cleaner (cuts right through dirt and grime!); Dish Soap (really good on the greasy pots and pans).

You will like these products as much as we do.

Holiday Pie!

Today’s Pie Board.

Pie Board

Just a teeny preview of what will be available for your Thanksgiving pie eating pleasure. We are taking pie orders for Thanksgiving. All pies will need to be picked up by closing (2:30pm) the day before Thanksgiving as we will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day. All pies made 100% from scratch right here at the Diner. Yes, that means the crust and crumb topping as well.

Choose From:

Chocolate Cream – made with from scratch pastry cream and imported Belgian Chocolate;

Coconut Cream - made with from scratch pastry cream, Coconut Extract and shredded Coconut;

Maple Cream – made with 100% real Vermont Maple Syrup and 100% real Maple Extract. You won’t find this pie anywhere else;

Key Lime – made with fresh squeezed Limes and Key Lime juice;

Pumpkin – we MAKE the filling, we don’t buy it;

Apple – made with fresh apples peeled and cored right here in the Diner (Double Crust or Crumb Topping);

Blueberry – made from Wild Maine Blueberries (Double Crust or Crumb Topping);

Triple Berry – Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry (Double Crust or Crumb Topping);

Apple Raspberry – Double Crust or Crumb Topping;

Apple Blueberry – Double Crust or Crumb Topping;

Peach – Double Crust or Crumb Topping;

Blueberry Peach -Double Crust or Crumb Topping

Cream or Double Crust Pies – $25 ea.

Crumb Top Pies – $30 ea.

We’re Serious About Our Chili

And you should be too!

Specials Board

We make our Chili with beef ground fresh to order for us next door at BG’s Market, beans, fresh onions, peppers and a blend of herbs, spices and LOVE that we can not divulge. But I’ll tell you what, you will NOT be disappointed. And get excited, because new batch of Corn Chowder coming Friday. Woo Hoo!