Cone of Silence


Now available at The Diner for those of you who would rather not see yourselves quoted on the Good Ole Internet in our regular feature “Best Thing Heard at The Hartland Diner:” The Cone of Silence.

We may or may not require that you actually WEAR the Cone. Displaying it prominently on your table or the counter may be good enough (as if this thing could be displayed any way other than PROMINENTLY). You know, depending on our mood that day…

We Are Open Memorial Day


We will be open Monday, Memorial Day, our usual weekday hours: 7am-3pm. Breakfast All Day Long. Just like every other day we are open.

Active Duty Service Men and Women eat free Monday. We know Memorial Day is meant to celebrate those who have made¬†the ultimate sacrifice, but since we are working we think it’s not a bad excuse to celebrate those who are serving.

Best Things Heard This Morning at The Hartland Diner

Jill: “Not everyone thrives on chaos like you do. It’s admirable really.”

Jill: “Nicole, what do you think God is trying to teach us THIS morning?”

Me: “It’s probably one really small, little thing that he’s trying to teach us EVERY day. You know, by grabbing us by the throat and SHAKING.”

Jill (while sharpening a knife): “Free stabbings today!”

Warning! Late Opening Tomorrow


So, you will all be mightily relieved to know that we FINALLY got our new sink fully operational. (Not that anyone but those of us in the back kitchen will ever see or use it. But it’s still pretty SWEET!) However, it did take ¬†nearly TWO FULL DAYS to make that happen. Seriously. Nothing is easy. Just nothing.

So new sink all good, but we’ve go the inspector coming in the morning to give us TWO THUMBS UP since we had all pretty much thrown in the towel by 3pm today. On the upside A LOT of gardening got done today!!

We will be opening tomorrow at 8:30am or VERY shortly thereafter. Mark your calendars. We will see you THEN!

Unanticipated Diner Closing

Sadly, we will not be open today because apparently we failed to get all the appropriate attaching parts for fabulous new sink and must acquire properly sized trap, drain thingy.

Nothing is simple.

We will be BACK tomorrow!


New Diner Hours Early Warning System


Due to ongoing and repeated Acts of God and because we recognize when GOD IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING: beginning Monday June 1st we will be changing our hours. This is only your first warning. There will be follow up reminders and prompts so hopefully, when we arrive at June 1st, everyone will be on the same page.



New Diner Hours:

Tuesdays-Fridays 7am-3pm
Saturday and Sunday 6:30am – 2pm

And, THE BIG REVEAL: We will be closing on Mondays. We will, however, be open for all the Monday holidays. Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. etc.Because, you know, we cannot pass up a PAR-TAY.

Community Diner FAREWELL (We Hope)

Community Diner

For the past three weeks, at least one or two mornings a week, we’ve been doing “Community Diner” at The Hartland Diner. Community Diner Days are those days you show up at the Diner in the morning and there is one person attempting to pull of a virtuoso performance as Waitress, Cook AND Dishwasher. Frankly, we’re pretty darned skilled at this level of multi-tasking at this point. It’s not something you would WANT to do on a “regular” basis. But it’s good to know that you CAN do it as needed…

These days Regulars (yeah, that’s a capital “R for the KICKASS people who we see most weekday mornings at The Diner) have gotten used to Community Diner Day and pitch in as needed: putting out the Open flag; bringing new customers menus; even CUPS OF COFFEE. #chucklove

But we officially reached The Community Diner Pinnacle this week:

Tuesday morning when an older gentleman who apparently had never been in the Diner before was left alone with his breakfast while the Diner Goddess on Duty plunged the Ladies’ Room toilet REPEATEDLY and he leapt right in and waited on customers who came in. BAM! IT’S A MOVEMENT PEOPLE!

Wednesday morning what you see in the photo above transpired. Deb and Steve and Cathy (not pictured) working together to grind coffee beans, brew coffee and serve it up.

So. Much. Love.

You see a lot of negativity and hate and intolerance in the news. All the time.

Our ongoing experiment in Community Diner reinvigorates our faith in Humankind. Daily.

This is not just a Diner.

This is not just a Job.

Regardless of what you may see or read here I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF THIS.