We Have Power

The Diner and BG’s have power. We know a lot of others may not following the rather IMPRESSIVE storm yesterday. However, we cannot use our grill for another few hours because we’ve only just started seasoning it. But we will have coffee and toast and you can charge your cellphone.

And…if you don’t have power and you need to get online we will give you the WiFi password. THIS IS YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY!


Opening Late Tomorrow!

WARNING: We will be opening at 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, August 4th).

The new grill is here and hooked up and BEAUTIFUL. However, it will take several hours for the initial “seasoning” and, despite our dedication to World Diner Domination, we will not be seasoning the grill overnight, or at 2am…

On the other hand, the new, sparkly fryer is refusing to light at all. More on that later.

Closing Early!

EXCITING DAY! We will be closing at 2pm today in the hopes of getting the old grill cool enough to haul OUT to make room for our BRAND SPANKING NEW GRILL!!!


Expect a little “adjustment” period while we learn to cook with FIRE…

Fryer Update

Exciting news! Tomorrow (Monday August 3rd) we will be getting our new fryer AND… wait for it… A NEW GRILL!!!!

So. Much. Excitement.

It really was past time to retire our 25+ year old TIRED, ABUSED grill (we inherited it abused – BTW). It gave its life in the service of eggs and bacon, so we will observe a moment of silence tomorrow afternoon as it passes from its Diner Service.

And we’re giving you all a “heads up” that it may take us a few days to adjust to a grill that actually “works.” You know, like puts out power and holds heat.

This really could revolutionize Diner cooking…

Curbside Pickup


Attention Diner Going Public, we would like to take this opportunity to engage you all in a discussion about trash. More specifically, your trash. We know this  (somehow inexplicably, frankly) comes as a surprise to some, but disposing of your garbage is not part of the service we supply at The Diner.

It would never occur to any of us to carry our “car trash” into a restaurant, so we are at a loss to understand why/how so many people think this is the way to go. It’s not.

And, let us just point out that jamming your bag of trash behind our rock salt can on the Diner front porch, also, not really appreciated.

Please, come on in! Have Breakfast. Have Lunch. Have Pie! Dispose of all your non-Diner trash elsewhere. Team Hartland Diner thanks you.

This has been a Diner Public Service Announcement. We thank you for your time and attention.

World. Diner. Domination.



Death of a Fryer

The Diner Fryer has (finally) given its life in line of service. We shall be replacing this, now retired (for our own safety and that of everyone else who enters/inhabits our building) fryer with a brand new, state of the art, ENERGY SAVER fryer. I know, AMAZING, right?

However, until we can get that brand spanking new fryer into the Diner we will not be offering any of our usual, fried delights. We apologize in advance for anyone who is disappointed in their fried offering cravings.

May we suggest a PANCAKE??