And We Have Officially Arrived at Peak.

Foliage 2

This year’s Foliage Season has, officially, been EPIC. Today, October 13th, is peak here in Central Vermont. The colors are, honestly, breathtaking and the lead up was so long and it came so late it is almost as if we are getting a bonus season. For all of you “from away” who made it up here this past week, WELL DONE, you picked THE RIGHT YEAR to visit. For those of you who didn’t, who don’t live here, we pity you…



Prepping Machine!


There’s a been a WHOLE LOTTA PREP going on here today. Just have a gander at the Beef and Bean Chili, Split Pea Soup and Sausage Gravy. All made 100% from scratch the way food is SUPPOSED to be made. All meat ground fresh to order for us next door at BG’s Market.

We’ve also got some KILLER Corn Chowder.